• Peaberry, Full City (medium) roast, Whole Bean (1lb)

Peaberry, Full City (medium) roast, Whole Bean (1lb)

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Product Info

Note: This product delivered as 2 x 8oz bags for a total of 1lb

Peaberry is a natural, and wonderful, anomaly created each coffee season.

Coffee trees bear red fruit called "cherries". In most all coffee cherry, two beans are formed. These are beans that you would easily recognize - roundish on one side, flat on the other. Yet in about 5% of cherry, only one bean forms. It develops into a smaller, round, denser bean, perfect for roasting. This is  Peaberry. Lighter bodied, fruity notes, and a hint more acidity.

Peaberry is perfect in the mornings - adding a touch more brightness to your morning cup. 


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